VIP Package Online Signup

VIP Package Online Signup

A Money Catch Claims Manager will handle your claim's.
People who choose this option are;

  • Business people with limited time.
  • People with a disability that need help with paperwork.
  • People that do not hold the correct documents to lodge a claim and need further investigation work conducted in order to support their claims.
  • Deceased Estates that require further investigation.
  • Some people just prefer having a Professional Claims Manager to handle all their claims.

Our staff are highly trained in Skip tracing "locating people & money" along with licensed Private Investigators working together.

Majority of our clients recovery process is undertaken within 4-6 weeks from receiving our client documents, however Deceased Estates can take longer to recover due to the research and necessary documents required.

We go to great lengths to produce your refund and therefore feel very rewarded when you finally receive your lost money.

We often come across client's that cannot provide proof in order to support their claims. By conducting financial professional searches and procedures, we are able to secure your claim and have your money returned to you.

VIP Package Cost:
The best part is that you don't have to pay out of pocket, not one single cent! Our office operates on 100% commission base for the search and retrieval process. So if you don't get your money, we don't get paid!

Commission Fees means, in the case of Recovered Money or Recovered Shares totalling $700 or more,

  • 19% (+gst) for individuals beneficiaries
  • 23% (+ gst) for commercial or trust beneficiaries
  • 25% (+ gst) for Deceased Estates
  • 30% (+ gst) for all International beneficiaries
  • Flat Fee of $133.00 (inc gst), in the case of recovered money or recovered shares is less than $700.

Have you been contacted by another business/recovery agent?  We offer to match all our competitors prices!

Successful Claims:- Your unclaimed money is direct deposited into your nominated bank account or cheque forwarded to your address. (The option is yours!)

Unsuccessful Claims:- You will receive an email/letter stating the reason why your claim was unsuccessful and voiding our agreement. If Money Catch is unable to recover your unclaimed money we do not charge any fees.  No recovered money, No charge.

We ensure that you or your organisation is refunded as quickly as possible despite a reasonably complex process.

VIP Package:-  fill in the contact form on the right, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions for the VIP Package. Please feel free to contact our office by phone or email should you need to clarify any terms before your purchase.

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