What is an Unclaimed Money Agent?

  • What is an Unclaimed Money Agent?

    What is an Unclaimed Money Agent?

    What do Unclaimed Money Locators / Finders Do?

    An Unclaimed Property Agent finds missing money belonging to prior owner and files a claim on behalf of the owner for a service fee. There are some business firms that assist the asset owners in searching their unclaimed money but the firms charge a fee for the service and for getting the information of the owner.

    What do Unclaimed Money Agents Charge?

    Some Agents do not charge for recovering unclaimed money but instead charge a fee for searching unclaimed money on their website. Still other unclaimed money agents offer owners additional services and support at a contingency where the firm only gets paid upon successfully recovering the lost money. Some unclaimed money agents are institutionalized while others work independently as a small business or private practice.

    Are All Unclaimed Money Agents The Same?

    No two unclaimed money agents are the same. Due to the legal process associated with recovering some types of unclaimed money, very few independent locators are able to assist owners with complicated unclaimed money claims. Other more institutionalized locators work with local law firms who specialize in certain types of unclaimed property/money. These types of agents are considerably more useful and trusted due to the fact that they provide some form of legal representation for the owners. Since most owners are aware of fraud, working with an Unclaimed Money Agent who provides localized legal support are often seen as the best and most secure option.

    What types of services do Unclaimed Money Agents Provide?

    The primary services provided by most Unclaimed Money Agents are the following:

    • Search State and Local Government Databases For Unclaimed Money Records
    • Search records not available to the public
    • Provide Unclaimed Money Recovery Services on a Contingency Service Fee
    • Notify Owners Of Unclaimed Money and Any Related Agency Updates
    • Provide Localized Legal Support through a Localized Law Practice


    The service fees associated with Unclaimed Money Agents are as follows:

    • Paid Online Unclaimed Money Search Services
    • Contingency Service Fee (Deducted From Amount Recovered)
    • Attorney Fees and Legal Consultation (When Legal Assistance is Needed)
    • Investigation activities associated with claims

    Money Catch is a professional investigative firm dedicated to locating people, corporate companies, trusts and beneficiaries who are unaware of unclaimed money/assets owing to them.  Our team works with government departments, solicitors, banks and other agencies to help in the process of finding people who can not be found.

    We love locating money and people, bringing back great memories.

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