Money Catch Case Study: Mr. Fisher’s Unclaimed Money

  • Money Catch Case Study: Mr. Fisher’s Unclaimed Money

    Money Catch Case Study: Mr. Fisher’s Unclaimed Money

    Unclaimed Money

    It’s not every day that you run into a cool $130,000 with your name on it, but that’s precisely the situation our client, Mr. Fisher, was in not too long ago.

    How did he find himself in this predicament, and how did Money Catch help him collect his unclaimed money?

    Here’s Mr. Fisher’s case study.

    Our Client: Mr. Fisher

    By most accounts, Mr. Fisher is a normal person living a normal life. He’s married, has moved a couple of times, and has bought and sold a couple of homes. While living his life and going about his day-to-day routine, for the longest time Mr. Fisher never imagined that there was $130,000 in unclaimed money just waiting for him to collect.

    An Unfortunate Predicament

    If you’re asking yourself how exactly a person gets separated from $130,000, Mr. Fisher’s case is actually rather unique.

    As it turned out, our client had owned dividend-paying stock shares in a mining company by the name of Bolnisi Gold Pty Ltd. Sometime between 2007 and 2008, Bolnisi was bought out and taken over by another company, Minjar Gold Pty Ltd.

    So at this point, the organization is supposed to send letters to the last known address of shareholders to provide notice and to pay out shares. If the letter is returned, there’s usually about three additional attempts to make contact before the file is closed and the money is listed as unclaimed.

    Here was Mr. Fisher’s problem: he had moved from his last known address. Since he was no longer living there at the time of the buyout, he didn’t receive any of these letters.

    Fast forward to the present, more than 20 years later, with no proof that he had lived at the address, no way of establishing a connection to the company, and a name as common as “Mr. Fisher,” things were looking rather grim for our client’s claim.

    Our Solution

    Armed with just a license, current address bill, and a birth certificate from Mr. Fisher, we went through archives and historical documents in order to establish a connection to the client’s last known address and also to the organization.

    This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds since many organizations don’t hold historical documents for more than 5 years. With Mr. Fisher’s property ownership going back to the 90s, we had to find documents dating back several decades.

    After running an exhaustive investigation, we found proof of the client’s previous residence and property ownership, and we were also able to establish his connection to Bolines, aka Minjar Gold.

    The End Result

    With the help of our proof documents, Mr. Fisher’s claim was successful. The client was thrilled and his wife was quite possibly even happier as they booked their holiday abroad and enjoyed their newfound windfall.

    Overall, it was a fantastic outcome for both our client and Money Catch.

    How Long Did This Take?

    As you can well imagine, this was a very lengthy and involved investigation. It took us about 4 weeks to find and locate the financial documents in order to establish Mr. Fisher’s claim.

    After our conclusion had ended and the proof was provided, the money was in our client’s account in 10-15 days.

    Why Money Catch?

    There are a lot of unclaimed money agents in Australia. All of them claim to be the best for the job. While we certainly have excellent financial document locating rates, Money Catch has an advantage over the others.

    We won’t bore you with a lengthy explanation of all the legal history and legal jargon involved here, but according to the Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Act 2004, many of the things we do — like investigate businesses and search for individuals involved with unclaimed money claims — are actually illegal without a master CAPI license. Despite the very clear legal requirements, many unclaimed money agents are operating without licenses.

    With Money Catch, however, we possess the required master CAPI license that entitles us to investigate people and run document searches.

    Contact Us Today

    If $130,000 dropped into your bank account tomorrow, how would your life change?

    In your case, it may not be a full six figures but maybe a few hundred or a few thousand instead. Regardless, that’s still money that’s rightfully yours.

    Here at Money Catch, we specialise in finding the unclaimed money Australia residents have waiting for them. If you’ve got money sitting somewhere just waiting for you to claim, as experienced unclaimed money professionals, we’ll run investigations and locate the proof you need for your claim to succeed.

    Contact us to get started.


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