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Timo Laakso

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I am currently seeking heirs in Finland, Russia and Sweden for amounts of money owing to them.

I am also working on locating people in Germany and France. image


The Russian TV programme "Wait for me"

Wait for me TV program - Reference for Timo
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I am Timo Laakso, Finland Representative, Genealogy Researcher and Unclaimed Money Professional at Money Catch

Finnpoisk Tmi is an information service company set up in 2011, owned by Timo Laakso. He has been working in genealogy since 1976 and has been in the credit and debt collection industry since 1982.

Timo's work has three main business segments:

- Genealogy and archival searches in Finland, search for lost relatives in different countries, mainly in Finland, Sweden, the former Soviet Union, USA, UK and Australia.

- Background studies of companies and entrepreneurs in Finland and the former Soviet Union and cooperation through the network also in other countries. Debt collection and credit information consulting.

- Language Proofs (Finnish-Russian-Finnish).

Timo is also shown in Russian TV channel ”NTV”

The story is all about in 1932 Toimi and Viljo Räty went illegally to the Soviet Union because of the economical crisis in Finland and the Soviet propaganda. They just thought that they will have a better life in the Soviet Union. They faced the real Soviet reality and tried to get back to Finland, but they were arrested and sent to Siberia. In 1938 they were arrested again as all foreigners of their Siberian village. Toimi was executed in 1938 and Viljo died in a labour camp in 1939. Toimi left a Russian wife and a son, born in 1937. Later Toimi and Viljo were ”rehabilitated” – they were arrested innocent.

Toimi`s and Viljo`s mother tried all her life to find out, what really happened her only sons. She, Hilda Räty, knew that she had a grandchild in Siberia, but did not know his name.

Hilda passed away in 1968 and ordered her grandson in Finland, Reino Räty, to continue. In 2017 Reino could tell to her grandma on her grave: ”Grandma, mission accomplished.” This was shown in the programme.

Toimi`s descendants tried to find out something about their roots, and I found Reino Räty. Very easily. Varvara Belomoina gave birth to a daughter on 17 Aug 2017 and on 19 Aug she was called by ”Zhdi Menya” and was invited to Moscow.

At the end of the programmed was shown my short speech. In 1930-1933 about 20000 Finns emigrated to the Soviet Union, even from the US and Canada. Very many of them, the majority I would say, were arrested in 1937-1938 of during the WW2. Some went to the Soviet Union with children, and in the Soviet Union were born hundreds of children, who were officially citizens of Finland, but in Finnish files, they are not mentioned. After arrest, sentence or even execution of parents, children were sent to the Soviet orphanages, their name was often changed, nationality, DOB. They just vanished.

Everyone has relatives in Finland or America, who still want to find these children – the youngest are now approximately 80 years old, and some of them are still alive somewhere, they have descendants, who are not aware of their Finnish roots.

Timo Laakso

I have great experience in

  • Geneology Research 100%

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