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Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Money Catch Member
Money Catch & Legal Vision working together

Russell Gumina
APR 12, 2017

Money Catch did an excellent job retrieving unclaimed money for us from an estate that we inherited.

Russell Gumina, Salesian Boys' & Girls' Club, San Francisco
Harold Brent Eddings
OCT 21, 2017

This was a time consuming process initially as I had to find proof of residence from 15 years previously. There were no records I had except for a few and needed to do a lot of research. However one I had received documentation, the process speeded up and approved. Money Catch was available to answer any questions/concerns I had which assisted my search.

Harold Brent Eddings,
Lea Anne Reed
AUG 26, 2017

I tried to get money from my husbands explorer for 9 years after he died. They said spouse not entitled to anything. But money catch was able to get what was due from them . It was worth the fee.

Lea Anne Reed,
Joan Harnett-Kindley
APRIL 2017

A very worthwhile experience - to find I had moneys due from an investment I had forgotten about over 20 years was a big bonus. I would recommend Deanna's service heartily.

Joan Harnett-Kindley, Kindleys Real Estate, New Zealand
11th February 2017

Thank you for everything that you have done for me. It must bee like detective work! Very challenging task for you to find me in Finland. I must thank you one more time. Excellent work you did.

Teppo, From Finland
Gary Stephenson
Apr 13-2017

"Deanna contacted me out of the blue regarding a very old insurance policy which I'd followed up on years ago without success. Not helped by me living in another country, moving 4, 5 times including between States. Deanna made the whole process smooth & very professional. I've nothing but the highest praise for her & her group -- I thoroughly recommend their service.

Gary Stephenson,
Judith Hawkins
Apr 09, 2017

I am now in an Aged Care Facility with four tumours, the service was professional and very helpful to me at my age.

Judith Hawkins,
Roger Abberley
Aug 23-2017

Deanna was very helpful and professional at all times.

Roger Abberley,
Cr Gianpiero Battista
2012 - 2017

"Deanna is a very focused person, who likes to achieve positive results for all her customers at a great value for money."

Cr Gianpiero Battista, Deputy Mayor at Lismore City Council,
Lea Anne Reed
APRIL 2017

There are several claims, the first one paid. We are still trying to get CSR/Rinker Corp. To pay what they have refused to give me what I have been asking from them since my husband died in 2008. So sad a professional company has to get involved. My husband worked for that company since 1970. I am hoping Money Catch will be able to collect.

Lea Anne Reed, Edmond OK, USA
Unlock Your Unclaimed Money at Money Catch Business Leon from RAMS gives Review
APRIL 2017

I did have an internet account which was being used to develop an app. Events overtook that, and the account became dormant. It was suspended eventually because it was not being used. When I did try to access it, it became too time consuming to follow through reinstating it and I put it to one side until your letter arrived. From a practical perspective and a time value point of view, it was simply much easier to go through you than to try to deal with it myself. The whole process was much more streamlined that I had expected it would be.Once again, thank you for your assistance.

Greg, Queensland
Karin Ahlquist
MARCH 2017

I didn't really believe it to be true when I got the letter. I knew I had money in an account in Australia. I tried to recover it 20 years ago, without luck. I thought I would give it a try, if they start asking for money I will stop. To my suprise it was legit. I am very happy with the service, I got my money just when I needed it most. Thank you so much MoneyCatch.

Karin Ahlquist, Sweden
MARCH 2017

It was nice surprise to get this money which I did not know about. Thank you very much. Money catch service was professional and trustworthy.

Ulla, St Albans, UK
MARCH 2017 - A little bit of a "Lucky" story.  In the process of doing some work for Deanna on the special interest Group Unclaimed Money Professionals / AAVIP Website, I had to reference an image on the Money Catch Website.  While on Money Catch I thought, well why not try it, thinking well I am owed no money, no not me!
Well I placed my full name into the search box and low and behold up comes my name and sure enough I have $100 odd dollars owing. Surprise surprise !!   It go's to show you may believe that you have no money out there that belongs to you, but unless you look or enquire you never know.  This for me was just by chance and what I recommend is for you to do the same.  Deanna, thank you for your guidance for claiming my unknown owed money for this I am most appreciative.  So all that read this review I suggest you head over to money catch to and you also may be pleasantly surprised.
Tony Mills, Aussie VA $ YouAussieVA 4 You - Found Money At Money Catch
MARCH 2017

I was an international student in Australia, but I went back to my home country several years ago. Money Catch found me and told me I was owed some money, which I didn't even know about. It appeared to be some refund from my University. "Monash Uni". I worked with their skip tracer Deanna. She was very professional and gladly answered every question I had. It took some time and paperwork to get my money back. However, with Deanna's guidance it was very little trouble. I'm glad they contacted me, and I would absolutely recommend this company to anybody who might need their help.

Oleg, From Russia

Thank you for the effort and recovery of funds you and your firm put forth, I had a vague idea of investments my mother-in-law made while living in Syndey Au. Those things were left to her and my wife.I wish they both were here to partake in my jubilation.I have to admit at first I was a bit skeptical, but after researching your firm I still proceeded with caution.You and Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service have been very professional and forthright it was a good experience working with you."

G.W. Stimach, Sammamish, Washington USW

"WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE to come to work to.Thank you so much for all that you've done for Mum - I couldn't wait until 5pm - I printed out the email and took it straight around to her, and said: You're Christmas has come early this year."

Desley, QLD, $35000.00

It was a pleasure dealing with our contact at Money Catch and we were extremely impressed to recover the unclaimed money's. The success fee paid was well worth the result achieved!

Anonymous, Australian Company $86000.00
14th July 2014

“I have today received US $ 8,548.62 ,thanks entirely to your efforts , which I was very pleased to get. Having overcome my initial reservations,which were due to having no knowledge of AURFS and its activities, I have been very impressed by your highly professional approach and not least by your no nonsense and extremely rapid responses to any questions I had.It has been a real pleasure to work with you and I will not hesitate to recommend AURFS and particularly you if the occasion should arise.With my sincere thanks and best wishes. Kind regards, Peter"

Peter, Villanova PA USA
G Stephenson

"When AURFS contacted me via letter, my first thought it was some type of scam -- sad sign of the times. However, the details in the letter made me think it was possibly genuine. I did take certain precautions at my end, however as my email exchanges with Deanna Mannix proceeded I became more & more comfortable.I had long assumed the very old small policy which AURFS had unearthed was long gone -- the down side of moving two Continents & numerous cities over many years.Throughout this whole process, considering the age of much of the details required from my end, I was very impressed with the thoroughness & professionalism displayed by Deanna.I most definitely recommend Deanna & AURFS to anybody in a similar position."

G Stephenson, Georgia, USA
Money Catch Business Review from Legal Visions Lawyer Unclaimed money at Money Catch
Karen $7888.50

“Dear Deanna,Thank you for forwarding the verification letter to us. I know Gary spoke to me about thanking you but was not sure if he has contacted you.I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in ensuring that we received the unclaimed money.At times it was a frustrating process for you and us, but of course we are very happy with the outcome.I would like to say thankyou very much on behalf of both of us for your perseverance, assistance and professionalism throughout this process."

Karen $7888.50, Eight Mile Plains, QLD
May 2008

"So happy with the money you located for me owing to my old business that is now closed down."

Andrew, $10,122.82, NSW
May 2008

Thanks again for all your help. I really did have no idea.

Roger, NSW $15600.00
Feb 2010

"Thankyou for finding me with regards to outstanding money owing to my mother that is passed away, I never would have known about it at all. Thankyou"

Audrey, NSW $19090.96

70%-80% of something is better than 0% of nothingMoney Catch Team

Mr White
Dec 2007

"Appreciate you locating me and helping me get back unclaimed super that was outstanding to me."

Mr White, QLD $25440.06

"Thankyou so much for locating us regarding funds owing to us from a loan we took out to buy a house. We paid too much stamp duty and did not even know it."

Susan, NSW $1865.00
Donald N Callender

I was contacted by letter by this company Aurfs saying I was entitled to a sum of money. I was very sceptical and thought It was a scam.I checked the company out on the Internet and decided to Proceed. It was very sensible and profitable thing to do. I was informed I had money owing to me from tax that was due to me when I lived in Australia.They have also located other accounts owing to me. I was very impressed with the efficiency and professional manner in which they dealt with any questions I had. They Responded by email within 24hours.I recommend AURFS they are a great company to work With. If you are contacted by this company do not hesitate to Respond. You are dealing with a very trustworthy company. I thank them for contacting me.

Donald N Callender,
Aug 2008

"Thanks so much for locating me regarding my father that passed away and left money to me. It certainly helped me out in these times."

Leanne, $11878.84
Dr Stephen
Jan 2007

"Appreciate your service and expertise."

Dr Stephen, NSW $2000.00
Feb 2009

"Thanks so much for retrieving my money for me, it was so quickly done, I should have done it ages ago."

Kavitha, VIC $3172.07
Aug 2008

"Really appreciate you finding me, such a blessing."

Tammy, NSW $13164.22

“In appreciation for locating my husband’s super. It could not have come at a better time. Your professionalism was first note. I received the amount as instructed."

Janet, VIC $22518.34
Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Money Catch Member
May 2009

"Thankyou so much for helping me claim back my money, I had no correspondence to help me claim it back without your help I would have lost it."

David, New Zealand $1500.00

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