11th February 2017

Thank you for everything that you have done for me. It must bee like detective work! Very challenging task for you to find me in Finland. I must thank you one more time. Excellent work you did.

Teppo, From Finland
Cr Gianpiero Battista

"Deanna is a very focused person, who likes to achieve positive results for all her customers at a great value for money."

Cr Gianpiero Battista, Deputy Mayor at Lismore City Council, https://www.lismore.nsw.gov.au

Thank you for the effort and recovery of funds you and your firm put forth, I had a vague idea of investments my mother-in-law made while living in Syndey Au. Those things were left to her and my wife. I wish they both were here to partake in my jubilation. I have to admit at first I was a bit skeptical, but after researching your firm I still proceeded with caution. You and Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service have been very professional and forthright it was a good experience working with you."

G.W. Stimach, Sammamish, Washington USW
14th July 2014

“I have today received US $ 8,548.62 ,thanks entirely to your efforts , which I was very pleased to get. Having overcome my initial reservations,which were due to having no knowledge of AURFS and its activities, I have been very impressed by your highly professional approach and not least by your no nonsense and extremely rapid responses to any questions I had. It has been a real pleasure to work with you and I will not hesitate to recommend AURFS and particularly you if the occasion should arise. With my sincere thanks and best wishes. Kind regards, Peter"

Peter, Villanova PA USA
G Stephenson

"When AURFS contacted me via letter, my first thought it was some type of scam -- sad sign of the times. However, the details in the letter made me think it was possibly genuine. I did take certain precautions at my end, however as my email exchanges with Deanna Mannix proceeded I became more & more comfortable. I had long assumed the very old small policy which AURFS had unearthed was long gone -- the down side of moving two Continents & numerous cities over many years. Throughout this whole process, considering the age of much of the details required from my end, I was very impressed with the thoroughness & professionalism displayed by Deanna. I most definitely recommend Deanna & AURFS to anybody in a similar position."

G Stephenson, Georgia, USA
May 2008

"So happy with the money you located for me owing to my old business that is now closed down."

Andrew, $10,122.82, NSW
Karen $7888.50

“Dear Deanna, Thank you for forwarding the verification letter to us. I know Gary spoke to me about thanking you but was not sure if he has contacted you. I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in ensuring that we received the unclaimed money.At times it was a frustrating process for you and us, but of course we are very happy with the outcome. I would like to say thankyou very much on behalf of both of us for your perseverance, assistance and professionalism throughout this process."

Karen $7888.50, Eight Mile Plains, QLD
Feb 2010

"Thankyou for finding me with regards to outstanding money owing to my mother that is passed away, I never would have known about it at all. Thankyou"

Audrey, NSW $19090.96
May 2008

Thanks again for all your help. I really did have no idea.

Roger, NSW $15600.00

70%-80% of something is better than 0% of nothingMoney Catch Team

Mr White
Dec 2007

"Appreciate you locating me and helping me get back unclaimed super that was outstanding to me."

Mr White, QLD $25440.06

"Thankyou so much for locating us regarding funds owing to us from a loan we took out to buy a house. We paid too much stamp duty and did not even know it."

Susan, NSW $1865.00
Donald N Callender

I was contacted by letter by this company Aurfs saying I was entitled to a sum of money. I was very sceptical and thought It was a scam. I checked the company out on the Internet and decided to Proceed. It was very sensible and profitable thing to do. I was informed I had money owing to me from tax that was due to me when I lived in Australia. They have also located other accounts owing to me. I was very impressed with the efficiency and professional manner in which they dealt with any questions I had. They Responded by email within 24hours. I recommend AURFS they are a great company to work With. If you are contacted by this company do not hesitate to Respond. You are dealing with a very trustworthy company. I thank them for contacting me.

Donald N Callender,
Aug 2008

"Thanks so much for locating me regarding my father that passed away and left money to me. It certainly helped me out in these times."

Leanne, $11878.84
Dr Stephen
Jan 2007

"Appreciate your service and expertise."

Dr Stephen, NSW $2000.00
Feb 2009

"Thanks so much for retrieving my money for me, it was so quickly done, I should have done it ages ago."

Kavitha, VIC $3172.07
Aug 2008

"Really appreciate you finding me, such a blessing."

Tammy, NSW $13164.22

“In appreciation for locating my husband’s super. It could not have come at a better time. Your professionalism was first note. I received the amount as instructed."

Janet, VIC $22518.34
May 2009

"Thankyou so much for helping me claim back my money, I had no correspondence to help me claim it back without your help I would have lost it."

David, New Zealand $1500.00

"WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE to come to work to. Thank you so much for all that you've done for Mum - I couldn't wait until 5pm - I printed out the email and took it straight around to her, and said: You're Christmas has come early this year."

Desley, QLD