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Scams can target anyone!

Scams can target anyone - no matter who you are. With society increasing their online activity daily, so does the potential for them to fall victim to an online scam.

  • Unsure about an email you received
  • Unsure about phone calls received offering services
  • Suspicion check up
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Always work with premium professionals.

We provide scam investigations Nationally.

  • Scammers can use any form of contact available to gain your trust and take advantage of you.
  • Scams can come in the form of email, social media, phone calls, websites and even good old flyers in the letterbox.
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Our investigators are professionals when it comes to being suspicious, and we notice when something doesn’t seem quite right, be it on a website, in an email, or a ‘great new investment opportunity’ that a friend told you about.

Other types of Scams can be;

  • Business decision, investment scams
  • Dating scams
  • Credit card scams
  • Education scams, those offered through online providers.
    Phone scams

With so many scams out there, it is best to call us if you have any concerns.

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The message is simple: if you're online, you're vulnerable.


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