Unclaimed Money Professionals – Audit

  • Unclaimed Money Professionals – Audit

    Unclaimed Money Professionals – Audit

    The Unclaimed Money Professionals (UMP) is the only Australia nonprofit membership group dedicated to service providers and owners of Unclaimed Money.

    Unclaimed Money Professionals (UMP) is a special interest group formed under the AAVIP Association. Professional group leading Unclaimed Money compliance and reform in Australia.

    UMP supports its members in the industry and improves business practices along with focus on quality improvements both for the members and Unclaimed Money Industry.

    Advocate for uniformity, fairness and clarity at the state and national reform.


    You should hire a Quality Accredited Unclaimed Money Professional

    If an Unclaimed Money Professional has been accredited by the AAVIP Quality Approved Virtual Business Program, it means that the business meets our Quality Approved Standards.

    The AAVIP Quality Program is unique in that the program approves the business (not the individual). The approval remains with the business for 3 years, at which time the accreditation is reviewed to ensure that the business is still operating under our approved standards.


    Unclaimed Money Professionals

    Money Catch under went an extensive Audit as an Unclaimed Money Professional by AAVIP Quality Acceditation Business Program. We meet all business Quality Approved Standards. Unclaimed Money Professionals


    Accredited - Unclaimed Money Professionals




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