How to Identify a Scam

  • How to Identify a Scam

    How to Identify a Scam

    Money Catch’s Scam Checklist

    Money Catch has a Scam checklist to follow should you be concerned that you are at risk of being scammed. Our investigators are professionals when it comes to being suspicious, and we notice when something does not seem quite right, be it on a website, in an email, or something a friend told you.

    Realising that you have wasted or, even worse, been conned out of your money is one of the worst feelings imaginable. The sense of embarrassment and shame when you have to tell your loved ones that you are unable to make that trip, or that you cannot afford to go out for that meal you planned a while ago is degrading.

    The word scam is used to refer to a fraudulent or dishonest scheme, the sole purpose of which is to cheat the consumer. This can be by selling mislabelled products or misleading services, making investments or becoming concerned in apparently fail-safe business propositions. You can avoid the majority of scams if you remain vigilant, and know exactly what to look for. Be mindful that if a consumer has had bad experience with a business, they may try to deter people from utilising their services by spreading malicious rumours.  The same with competitors, they also may try to discourage people from using other’s in their industry services by targeting them on the internet.

    A scam can refer to anything from serious, organised fraud to hard selling practices. Whether the scheme was legal or illegal, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get your money back, that is why it is crucial to be aware. Even well-known companies may point you in the direction of the small print should you query your position. Less reputable sellers may seem like they vanish off the face of the earth, with no phone number or address to contact them on. It is more than likely that the police will try to prevent further scams, rather than attempt to recover any money that has been lost.

    There’s a simple checklist to follow should you be concerned that you are at risk of being scammed.

    Was the offer unsolicited? With a claim of being specially selected are deceitful.

    Money Catch adheres to the Telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls) Industry Standard 2017.  We run every phone number through the Australian Do Not Call Register, and only contact people that are not on the register.

    Do you have to respond quickly? Demanding a fast response is often a sign that the business wants to make as much profit as possible before moving on to somewhere else.

    Money Catch understands that you need time to review all the information we have provided to you, including our business licenses.  We never push you; we only follow up with you if you request us to.

    Do you have to ring a premium-rate number or a “one ring” phone scam? If so, it is highly probable that after making the phone call, you will never hear anything back. It involves receiving a call from a phone number you do not recognise.  If you call back the number, you are likely to be connected to an international hotline which charges you a premium for connecting.  The longer you stay on hold with them the more money it cost you, paying per-minute charges. These sorts of companies thrive off revenue generated from these premium-rate numbers, and they are extremely easy to change.

    You can contact Money Catch at all times with our local business number 02 8011 4282 for a local call charge or STD call rate with your Telecommunication provider if you live in another state.

    Are you being asked for your bank or credit card details? This should be an immediate warning sign. You should never give out your bank or credit card details over the phone.

    Money Catch gives options to our client’s that you can select to receive your money by Cheque or Direct Deposit.  We do not need your bank details to send your money to you; it is up to the client if they wish to provide bank details on completion of their claim.

    Is the business reluctant to give you its address or contact details? A secretive company is never a good sign. If they are not willing to share details other than email addresses, then stay well away.

    Money Catch is a transparent company, giving all contact details by phone, email, address, licenses, personal information and accreditations all located on our website for consumer checking.

    Are they asking for money upfront? Always be extremely sceptical before handing over money, and if in doubt, ask a family member or a close friend what they would do if they were in a similar situation.

    Money Catch does not ask for any money upfront; we operate on a commission fee basis.  Meaning if we cannot get your money back to you, we do not get paid.  No Win, No Fee, and with Skip Tracing we operate on No Find, No Fee.

    We are licensed private investigators who strive for excellence and integrity and hold an approved and verified Master CAPI Business Licence by the NSW Police Force.

    Money Catch provides services in Private Investigations for;

    Skip tracing – Successful skip tracing is an art form, we specialise in the art of locating evasive debtors, defendants and witnesses through a combination of technical proficiency, analytical skills and savvy communication techniques.  Over some years, we have developed a comprehensive network of operatives with access to nationwide open-source and industry-specific databases containing the most up to date and accurate skip tracing information legally available. We offer quick turnaround times and provide detailed tracing reports that can be structured to meet your specific requirements.

    Cyberspace Investigations – we assist corporate and private clients that are looking to conduct Cyberspace Investigations on individuals, companies for the following reasons; Brand, Copyright, Trademark reputation, Background checking, Identifying individuals assets, Undertaking due diligence.

    Scam Investigations – We provide scam investigations Nationally, including, Dating Scams, Credit card scams, Education scams, Phone scams, Investment scams.  Our investigators are professionals when it comes to being suspicious, and we notice when something does not seem quite right, be it on a website, in an email, or something a friend told you.

    Unclaimed Money Investigations – We assist corporate and private clients specifically in unclaimed money.  We utilise our expertise to identify “lost” funds and trace the legally entitled owners.  Money Catch has an extensive large internal database of unclaimed money owing to Australian’s, we can identify if you have unclaimed money due to you today and from the past.

    Money Catch name/logo and tagline are all trademarked in Australia –  You can also go to the IP Australia website to verify the certificate numbers.

    Our Australian Business Number “ABN”  is 9714 0553 868, you can use this number to look us up with the Australian Business Register “ABR”

    By searching the “ABR” with our “ABN” this will bring up our company details. 


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