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Uniting Missing Heirs Internationally

International Professionals

International Professionals

Money Catch has developed strong relationships with other professionals around the world in order to help locate rightful owners.

Other Countries

Other Countries

In return we locate and reunite Australian people with their unclaimed money from other countries.



Our research tools include both public and proprietary databases as well as software programs developed in-house to help in the location of tracing missing relatives and other Heirs.

If We Have Contacted You?

If we’ve contacted you it’s because we’ve found dormant unclaimed money that belongs to you. Possible you are a missing heir or a distant relative?  Very possibly, you’re a missing beneficiary named in someone’s will or insurance policy.

Money Catch searches various legal and financial documents in Australia and abroad.  We are seriously committed to returning these monies back to the people.

In nearly all cases, our clients have no idea that these monies are owing to them, so if you are not expecting to come into any fortunes you are not alone in being surprised (and a little skeptical) when our office representative contacts you.

We are Australian Industry leaders in unclaimed money investigation and recovery and pride ourselves on excellent communication and great business practices.

For your own security we never ask for money up front and only get paid when the money is recovered.

Process Steps

Fees are Only paid on Successfully Recovered Unclaimed Money – So No Financial Risk!!

  1. Investigating and locating the exact location of the individuals unclaimed money.
  2. Locating the Individual or Legal representative of the unclaimed money.
  3. Providing/Assisting/Processing all the legal requirements of support documentation to enable a successful recovery of unclaimed money to the client.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to recover your unclaimed money that we have located.  You have a no financial risk whatsoever.  Payment is due only after we successfully recover and process your unclaimed money.  You don’t even owe any recovery-related expenses, including all legal expenses.  We cover that for you.

To begin your claim process, please forward your Agreement-Authority posted to you (alternatively you can download another Agreement-Authority from the “Have we contacted you” page).

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