Accredited Unclaimed Money Professionals

There are many types of unclaimed monies including shares, bank accounts, insurance policies and inheritances. These monies are now in the care of a custodian who has lost track of the rightful owner. The rightful owner may have lost track of the asset or may even be unaware that they are entitled to the money.

Areas of unclaimed money;

Unpresented cheques
Dormant bank accounts
Rental bonds
Council bonds
Deceased Estates
Trust Fund/Trust Accounts
Proceed of Sales

If you have received a letter from us, it is because we believe we have found money owing to you.

You could be a missing heir of a distant relative or a missing beneficiary named in someones will, have an old insurance policy, utility bill credit, lost superannuation, old council deposit, shares, dividends, banking and much more.

It does sound too good to be true……… However it isn’t.

We contact hundreds of people each month who have unclaimed money owing to them from many different avenues.

In most cases, our clients have no idea that they have unclaimed money owing to them, so if you’re not expecting to come into any money you’re not alone in being surprised (and possibly a bit skeptical) when we get in touch.

If you receive a letter from us but are not the rightful owner of the unclaimed money, please let us know by phone/email or fax. We will update our records to ensure that no further correspondence is directed to you.

If you know how to contact the rightful owner (or the next of kin), please advise us so that we can correspond to him/her, or if preferred forward our letter to the owner directly.

In order to gather all the data we require a team of experts working together to make Money Catch available. Staff, Legal Fees, Office running costs and Fee’s to purchase data is the reason why we charge for access.

We hold data that NO Other Money Agent/Unclaimed Money Business has, we have been compiling this data for a long time and we can track if there was once money owing to you that no other agent or business could inform you of.

If you choose to take no action, the money owing to you will remain unclaimed. If money is unclaimed for an extended period of time, it is transferred into government revenue and then discretionary revenue.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed as a "true and correct copy" by a Justice of the Peace or similar.

Acceptable person include:

Justice of the Peace
A legal practitioner
Police officer
Certified practicing accountant
Medical practitioner
Member of Parliament

Certified copies are required to ensure that all documents submitted to support a claim are authentic.

The process normally takes between six to eight weeks. Deceased Estates can take and usually do take allot longer. We will keep you informed throughout the process and advice on any anticipated delays.

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