Licensed Private Investigators & Accredited Unclaimed Money Professionals

In most countries "including Australia" the Heir Hunters,  Unclaimed Money Agents / Business industry is unregulated. Anyone can call themselves an Unclaimed Money Agent or Business, so it’s important to take proper advice.

It is also important to confirm other factors;

  • Member of Australian Institute of Professional Investigators
  • Member of their Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Government licence, such as a CAPI Licence to operate as an Investigator into people and finances.
  • Audited Trust Fund for processing clients monies.
  • Office security to protect your documents.
  • Secure servers to protect your digital documents.
  • Insurances.
  • Terms and Conditions are written legally.
  • Privacy Policy
  • Code of Conduct

We are Private Investigators driven to reunite unclaimed money with their rightful owners. We use a number of publicly available & paid resources to track owners down, so yes it is all completed legitimately and ethically. We are in fact going out of our way to ensure that people get THEIR money back - often against all odds!

Data matching is a powerful administrative tool; with information from a variety of third-party sources compiled electronically, validated, analysed we are able to search and find clients that have unclaimed money owing to them. We use a variety of sources, some are;

Credit Reporting Agency
Global X Information Solutions
Social Media
White pages/Yellow Pages
Data matching services only available to Private Investigators

There are many types of unclaimed monies including shares, bank accounts, insurance policies and inheritances. These monies are now in the care of a custodian who has lost track of the rightful owner. The rightful owner may have lost track of the asset or may even be unaware that they are entitled to the money.

Areas of unclaimed money;

Unpresented cheques
Dormant bank accounts
Rental bonds
Council bonds
Deceased Estates
Trust Fund/Trust Accounts
Proceed of Sales

Certain companies / recovery agents have purchased shares register’s from large banks or AXA listed companies in order to search out the lost policy holders. Problem with this is when you purchase the share register holding information, you are buying the full register and their is no way to know if they are contacting someone that has a current up to date policy or a lost policy.

If you still can not find your money, Contact Us Today as we specialise in all area’s of unclaimed money, including CBA, ANZ, WBC, NAB and AXA listed company shares. We offer to beat all competitor’s fees!

If you have received a letter from us, it is because we believe we have found money owing to you.

You could be a missing heir of a distant relative or a missing beneficiary named in someones will, have an old insurance policy, utility bill credit, lost superannuation, old council deposit, shares, dividends, banking and much more.

It does sound too good to be true……… However it isn’t.

We contact hundreds of people each month who have unclaimed money owing to them from many different avenues.

In most cases, our clients have no idea that they have unclaimed money owing to them, so if you’re not expecting to come into any money you’re not alone in being surprised (and possibly a bit skeptical) when we get in touch.

Money Catch is a sub-company of AURFS Pty Ltd and is registered with ASIC under the ABN: 9714 0553 868. AURFS Pty Ltd started as a partnership in 2006, however due to our professional service and experience in the field the demand for our service became excessive and we transitioned quickly to a Company trading as AURFS Pty Ltd. AURFS Pty Ltd is known as one of the top leaders specialising in unclaimed money.

Money Catch has been Trade Marked with the Australian Government IP Australia. Our Trade Mark number is 1645528. You can search our trade mark by contacting IP Australia on Ph: 1300 651 010 or by using Australian Trade Marks Online Search System “ATMOSS”. Enter ATMOSS website as a guest and use our Trade Mark number to find us.

We are licensed Private Investigators that holds a Master CAPI license with NSW Police and Queensland Police. To hold these licenses the business and the person must not be convicted or have any charges in the past or pending. The police department complete full background checks, with profiling, fingerprinting before granting such license to a holder. Prior to obtaining a license, the holder must complete 12 units of study in Certificate 3 in Private Investigation & Security, which takes 12 months of study.

Money Catch operates under the Corporation Act as a registered company trading under AURFS Pty Ltd – ABN 9714 0553 868. We specialise specifically in the unclaimed money industry and have acquired skills/knowledge and training in this area. Together with the Corporation Act, Freedom of Information Act and our Legal Team we place a strong case before our suppliers not to withhold unclaimed money data and there for establish partnering agreements for us to have access and help in the location process.

This means we have access to databases that are not available to the public or other money agents.

If you have account issues, you take your books to your accountant. If you have legal issues you take your issues to a Solicitor. It is the same process with us, if you have unclaimed/lost money owing to you, you bring this issue to an unclaimed money recovery agent. This is what we are experienced in!

In order to gather all the data we require a team of experts working together to make Money Catch available. Staff, Legal Fees, Office running costs and Fee’s to purchase data is the reason why we charge for access.

We hold data that NO Other Money Agent/Unclaimed Money Business has, we have been compiling this data for a long time and we can track if there was once money owing to you that no other agent or business could inform you of.

We also hold unclaimed money/assets that are not listed on the internet anywhere, we have acquired this data through the Freedom of Information Act, Corporations Act and our Legal Team.

If you choose to take no action, the money owing to you will remain unclaimed. If money is unclaimed for an extended period of time, it is transferred into government revenue and then discretionary revenue.

Once money has been transferred into government revenue it becomes increasingly harder to have returned to the rightful owner. The ability to have money returned to you once it has hit discretionary revenue can be impossible unless you know how to go about this, like we do!

There is always a chance to recover your unclaimed money, however NO other recovery agents have access to the data we hold that has already been received into government revenue and removed from all public access.

It is important that you carefully examine the professional standing of any company that may contact you.

Check the qualifications, experience, credentials, ABN, ACN, References, Office location, Website and Social Media.

To ensure that you receive the best possible service, we are happy to match any fee quoted by another company for the same service and in most cases we will reduce our fee under there's to give you the best value. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Each of the various organisations we deal with have different documentary requirements. Mostly they consist of 100 points of identity. Most documents need to be certified copies. You will also need to provide evidence to the unclaimed money. Evidence showing links and documents to the information that is on file.

Proof of a connection to the last known address:

A council rate notice
Electricity or gas bill
Correspondence with the organization that lodged the unclaimed money
Proof of a relevant link to the organization that lodged the unclaimed money:

Correspondence from the enterprise
Any Statements
Share certificates
Premium Certificates

Signed Agreement. You can download and print the Agreement from the "Have We contacted you" tab.

A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed as a "true and correct copy" by a Justice of the Peace or similar.

Acceptable person include:

Justice of the Peace
A legal practitioner
Police officer
Certified practicing accountant
Medical practitioner
Member of Parliament

Certified copies are required to ensure that all documents submitted to support a claim are authentic.

The process normally takes between four to eight weeks. Deceased Estates can take and usually do take allot longer. We will keep you informed throughout the process and advice on any anticipated delays.

Areas of unclaimed money we operate within:

Unpresented cheques
Dormant bank accounts
Rental bonds
Council bonds
Deceased Estates
Trust Fund/Trust Accounts
Proceed of Sales

Privacy restrictions prevent us from disclosing the full details of the funds until we can confirm that you are the rightful owner.

Unsuccessful Claims:-
You will receive a letter stating the reason why your claim was unsuccessful and voiding our agreement. If Money Catch is unable to recover your unclaimed money we do not charge any fees. No recovered money, No charge.

Fees are not paid until the clients claim is successful.

The best part is that you don't have to pay out of pocket, not one single cent! Our office operates on 100% commission base for the search and retrieval process. So if you don't get your money, we don't get paid!

Successful Claims:- Your unclaimed money is direct deposited into your nominated bank account or cheque forwarded to your address. (The option is yours!)

An invoice statement is mailed/emailed upon confirmation of successful claim. Within 5-7 days your funds are deposited into your account, alternatively you would have received your cheque from us.

If you receive a letter from us but are not the rightful owner of the unclaimed money, please let us know by phone/email or fax. We will update our records to ensure that no further correspondence is directed to you.

If you know how to contact the rightful owner (or the next of kin), please advise us so that we can correspond to him/her, or if preferred forward our letter to the owner directly.

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