The VIP Package for Individual Attention

  • The VIP Package for Individual Attention

    The VIP Package for Individual Attention

    The VIP Package Individual Attention!!  Our claims manager will check up on the provided documentation, start coordinating research on your particular case, and identify the institutions or peoples that represent your unclaimed funds.

    This may include bank accounts, businesses, and former places of work.  Many consumers tend to think that securing unclaimed money is a complicated process – and it could potentially be, especially if it is an international case.  However, we have a track record of helping our clients secure proof, with refunds with affordable fees.

    We are transparent from beginning to end, with even unsuccessful claims outlining the reason why your claim attempt was rebuked via a letter.

    VIP Package

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    The VIP Package Individual Attention

    A Money Catch Claims Manager will handle your claim’s.
    People who choose this option are;

    • Business people with limited time.
    • People with a disability that need help with paperwork.
    • People that do not hold the correct documents to lodge a claim and need further investigation work conducted in order to support their claims.
    • Deceased Estates that require further investigation.
    • Some people just prefer having a Professional Claims Manager to handle all their claims.

    Our staff are highly trained in Skip Tracing & Investigations “locating people & money” along with holding a Master CAPI License with NSW Police.

    We go to great lengths to produce your refund and therefore feel very rewarded when you finally receive your lost money.

    We often come across client’s that cannot provide proof in order to support their claims. By conducting financial investigations, we are able to secure your claim and have your money returned to you.

    VIP Package Cost:
    The best part is that you don’t have to pay out of pocket, not one single cent! Our office operates on 100% commission base for the search and retrieval process. So if you don’t get your money, we don’t get paid!

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