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Money Catch is the leading Unclaimed Money Professionals agency, committed to tracing Heirs & Beneficiaries, world wide. Fast, professional research of the highest standards reputation and integrity are second to none.

Money Catch have been in the Unclaimed Money Industry since 2006, locating thousands of people worldwide that have unclaimed money, assets & property owing to them.We are a professional investigative firm dedicated to locating individuals, corporate companies, trusts and beneficiaries who are unaware of unclaimed money, assets owing to them.
Money Catch has provided services to address the complexities of unclaimed money for over 10 years. We provide a comprehensive array of business services to help companies and people.We have been the leading professionals within Australia to date. The most accomplished, knowledgeable and responsive unclaimed money company in the country.
Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Money Catch Member
Money Catch & Legal Vision working together
NSW Police - Verify our CAPI Licence
Background specifically in unclaimed finances

We utilise our expertise to identify “lost” funds and trace the legally entitled owners.

Some of our clients range from every day Australians to Councils, Companies, Business and Universities.

Each year the Government collects millions of dollars that have been declared “lost” or “abandoned”. Institutions/Organisations are legally bound to lodge this money as unclaimed when they cannot locate the owners within specific timeframes.

With a background specifically in unclaimed finances, we utilise our expertise to identify “lost” funds and trace the legally entitled owners. The majority of our customers are totally unaware of their “lost” finances prior to being contacted by Money Catch.

When you become a client of ours we are fully and seriously committed to your case, informing you of all steps taken in the process of investigation to claiming your unclaimed funds. We ensure that our clients are refunded as quickly as possible despite a reasonably complex process.

our history

Providing High Quality Research & Investigations

  • bringing the team together

    Originally named Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service trading as a partnership in 2006. We came into existence following a growing awareness that individuals and companies were foregoing increasing sums of money without being notified by regulatory bodies. In order to rectify this situation, Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service provided a service that assisted both individuals and companies to recover money they are legally entitled to.


  • 300 clients - our first milestone

    Celebrating 1 Year in Business. Thanks to our great Clients, Partners and Colleagues, we celebrated the completion of our first year in business. We built a lot of great relationships already and we're looking forward to strengthening them even further.


  • AURFS Pty Ltd - Transitioned to a company

    In 2009 we registered under the Corporations Act 2001 with ASIC "Australian Securities & Investments Commission" as AURFS Pty Ltd, trading as Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service.


  • Building the future - Name Change

    Changed business name from Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service to Money Catch, trading under company AURFS Pty Ltd


  • Moving New Office Location

    Our HQ, claims processing and investigation center. We have established office locations in NSW and QLD since the beginning. Our current office location is situated in Northern Rivers, NSW.


  • Fully Accredited Unclaimed Money Professionals

    Money Catch under went an extensive Audit as an Unclaimed Money Professional by an Accreditation Business Program.We meet all business Quality Approved Standards. Accredited Unclaimed Money Professional


  • Approved and Accredited

    Approved and Accredited Licensed Private Investigators



Millions of dollars are owing in unclaimed money that are currently being left to the way side and finally absorbed into revenue. Our aim is to bring great awareness to the industry and help for people trying to locate their money.

our clients

We are focused on our clients. Here's what they say about us.

Russell Gumina

Money Catch helped me track down money that had been gifted to the Salesian Boys' & Girls' Club in a bequest. They were very thorough and forthright and pursued our case until it was favorably resolved. "I would highly recommend their services."Please feel free to use my name as a point of reference for your skills relating to recovering unclaimed money.

Russell Gumina, Executive Director at Salesian Boys & Girls Club
Thomas Robyn

While initially skeptical about the funds available, the lack of required upfront fee payment mollified my concern. No recovery of funds, no fee. They did all the work for an acceptable fee taken from the funds recovered. Thank you

Thomas Robyn, President, St Group Incorporated

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