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Being able to find and claim unclaimed money is difficult. Knowing where to get help can sometimes be a problem. Money Catch can help you.

welcome. this is Money Catch. Your Unclaimed Money Professionals

We are a professional investigative firm dedicated to locating people, corporate companies, trusts and beneficiaries who are unaware of unclaimed money/assets owing to them.

Our specialised team works with government departments, solicitors, banks and other agencies to help in the process of locating people who can not be found.

Committed to tracing Heirs & Beneficiaries, World Wide.

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  • Deanna Mannix

    Deanna Mannix

    Director & Licenced Private Investigator | Unclaimed Money Professional

  • Alberto Racho Jr

    Alberto Racho Jr

    Claims & Research | Unclaimed Money Professional

  • Audrey Romero

    Audrey Romero

    Skip Tracer Analyst | Unclaimed Money Professional

  • Timo Laakso

    Timo Laakso

    Finland Representative | Genealogy Researcher

Did you know that you could have unclaimed money owing to you?

You may have money sitting in an inactive bank account, or a paycheck that you never picked up. You may also have an inheritance, tax refunds or other money that is owed to you that you do not realize that it is out there.

Are we trying to reach you?

We Find You

Our professional researches use a variety of third-party sources compiled electronically, validated and analysed.


We love our first contact with clients and appreciate it may come as a surprise. We use many tools to reach out clients. "phone, letters, postcards, social media and websites".


You filled out your agreement and we are hard at work on your claim/investigation. We may ask you to fill out claim forms, provide ID or any evidence you may have.


Your claim is Approved and your money is on the way to you. "Cheque, Direct Deposit or International Transfer"


Changed Jobs

Sometimes employers owe wages to employee’s who have left a business and can’t be contacted.

Unclaimed Bank Accounts

Placed money in a bank account for a rainy day and forgot about it.

Moved Overseas

Worked in Australia as a temporary resident and since left Australia.

Changed Names

Changed your name as a result of marriage or divorce.

Moved House

Moved house and forgot to notify your new address to organisations.

Shares & Dividends

Shareholders lose touch with companies in which they invest.

More than 150,000 small investors have forgotten about $140 million in dividends - and up to $1 billion worth of shares.




How Money Catch Helped a Client Recover it. $80,000 in Unclaimed

How Money Catch Helped a Client Recover it. $80,000 in Unclaimed

Did you know that when it comes to unclaimed money Australia-based residents collectively have $1.1 billion...

Calling upon Claimants for Unclaimed Money Australia

Calling upon Claimants for Unclaimed Money Australia

Money Catch is calling upon Claimants to prove their relationship and receive sums of money.  CLAIMANTS...

I Think I Would Know - Unclaimed Money

I Think I Would Know - Unclaimed Money

It's a common misconception. I don't have any Unclaimed Money! I Think I would Know! WRONG!!! Money Catch...

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